Health First

Akti Toroni Boutique Hotel setting its customers health and safety as the first priority, cooperates with specialized Polyclinics and implements the public health protocols recommended by the World Health Organization.

The Green Key

"Green Key" is an eco-label recognized by the World Tourism Organization. The Akti Toroni Boutique Hotel certified with the Green Key brand, operates based on the following criteria:

  • Implements operational policies to protect the environment thus helping to reduce environmental impact worldwide.
  • Operates with a view to reducing energy consumption, which also means reducing costs.
  • Promotes the Green Key quality signal through the marketing strategy that follows.
  • Takes part in actions that have as primary goal the preservation of the environment through the wider ecological responsibility.
  • Educates staff and customers to increase sustainable development and environmental awareness.
Greek Breakfast

"Greek Breakfast" is a program of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels that has been designed and implemented methodically since 2010. The purpose of the program is to enrich the breakfast offered in Greek hotels, which consists of pure, unique products of the Greek land and traditional local dishes of each region.

Akti Toroni Boutique Hotel has joined the "Greek Breakfast" program, thus giving its guests the opportunity to get to know the fine Greek products and delicacies, which are part of the Mediterranean diet as well as of the cultural heritage of the country.